Happoradio is a popular Finnish pop/rock band formed in 2001. I toured as their lighting and video designer from spring 2008 to summer 2014, doing around 250 shows on five separate tours. The photos here are from the latest one those tours – Elefanttimarssi in 2014.

The gigs I did with Happoradio ranged from very small clubs and bars to headlining Ilosaarirock festival in 2014. Happoradio was my school-on-the-road for visual design of concerts, and the tour productions got more ambitious and better planned tour by tour. One can not overstate how much these tours taught me about taking a design on the road and scaling it to venues of hugely varying sizes.

I did all of the lighting and video design and programming, and produced almost all of the video content for the tours. I was also the only lighting and video person on the gigs, being my own operator, technical designer, construction team and system tech.