Lauri Sirén

Lighting & Visual Designer


·  Master of Arts in Theatre and Drama (Lighting Design), University of the Arts Helsinki, 2019

·  Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Drama (Lighting Design), University of the Arts Helsinki, 2014

·  Media Assistant (Theatre and Event Technology), North Carelia College of Further Education Outokumpu, 2007

Work History

·  Founder, CEO; Lyhty Visual Oy, 2020-present

· Freelance Lighting and Visual Designer, Lighting Technician, 2006-present

·  Designer (full time), Sun Effects, 2016-2020

·  Lighting Designer, Ääni ja valoteknikka Ruosila, 2013-2016

·  Lighting and Video Designer, Happoradio, 2008-2014

·  Lighting Designer, Orjatori, 2008-2013

·  Lighting Techician, JS Sound Group, 2007-2008

I have worked on around a thousand different gigs and projects throughout the years, ranging in size from very small to very large, in different roles, mostly revolving around lighting, video and event design and technical production.

My previous work includes stage, lighting and spatial designs on the following events and festivals:

·  Flow Festival (2018-2019, large stage designs)

·  Tubecon Finland (2018-2019, Head Visual Designer, main stage design)

·  Ruisrock (2019, stage designs)

·  Nordic Business Forum (2018-2019 main stage lighting rig design, 2017 lighting programming)

·  Helsinki Coffee Festival (2018-2019 lighting design, 2018 set design)

·  Vegemessut(2019-2020, lighting and scenic design)

·  Slush Helsinki (2016-2018, large stage and lighting desings, spatial designs)

·  Porispere (2012-2016, Head Lighting Designer, large stage desings)

·  Karmarock (2013-2016, stage designs)

·  RMJ (2008-2010, 2016, large stage designs)

Plus a huge number of other events of all sizes

The bands and artists I have worked with include:

·  Mafia Honey (2017-present, Lighting Design)

· Male Voice Choir Euga (2019, Lighting Design)

·  Happoradio (2008-2014, Lighting and Video design)

·  Pentti Hietanen (2009, Lighting Design)

Plus countless one-off gigs and shows operated as a house LD on festivals, for both Finnish and international artists, on stages and productions of all sizes.

Some picks from my designs for theatre, dance and live art:

·  Ehjyt 2 (Mirva Keski-Vähälä, 2019)

·  Coco ei oo enää täällä (Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki / Henriikka Himma, 2016)

·  Hate Speech Play – A Cruel Comedy (Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki / Vili von Nissinen, 2015)

·  Respect! (Art Collective Rikastamo, 2015)

·  Häkki (Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki / Leila Kourkia, 2014)

·  Ehjyt (Mirva Keski-Vähälä, 2014)

·  Muuntaja (Butō Hutera, 2014)

·  From Routes Untravelled (Routa / Mikko Hyvönen, 2012)

·  Kehiö (Theatre Academy Helsinki / Finnish Theatre Orchestra, 2011)

·  Den goda människan i Sezuan (Theatre Academy Helsinki / Mikaela Hasán, 2010)

·  Kultaneito Aallon Akka (North Carelia College of Further Education / Mirva Mattila, 2006)