Lauri Sirén

Lighting & Visual Designer

I design lights, stages and visuals for concerts and other performances and events. I am always open for new interesting co-operations.

I am a Master of Arts in lighting design and have a broad work history among visual design work, including concert tours, festivals, theatre, contemporary dance, live art, corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows and all sorts of other event productions. My main passion lies in visualizing music and working with performing arts.

A concert is not just about playing music live on a stage. It is about delivering an experience that sticks in the minds of the audience. A concert is a performance, and should be approached as one. In the end there is little difference between what happens in the minds of a concert audience to what happens in the minds of an audience of a theatre or a dance piece.

In order to deliver an experience that is more than just looking at people performing actions or listening to people playing music on a stage, a performance needs to cover more senses. A concert needs visuality to deliver an impact. I can help you with that.

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